About Barter

Our company commitment is to offer the best service and communications of any barter company. No excuses!

You won't pay more for products and services in barter than you would pay in cash, this is a common problem in many other barter company's transactions. Anyone charging more than prevailing retail prices is terminated after one warning at sign-up with ABC.

As a member, you will be contacted at least once a month, and more often when necessary or requested, making sure your barter needs are met, and any questions you might have, will be answered. We are always available by email, fax and phone to serve you better. You can reach us after 5pm Monday - Friday and weekends... just call!

New members offering products and services are made easily available to all members everyday through our website, and e-mails or faxes come directly to you once a week with all the latest updates.

To save you time, we are happy to make the initial contact for a member on any transaction.

The "trade secrets" are a very important part of your businesses growth, unlike many other trade exchanges ABC will share those with you, we are on your side, you will experience the difference, fair/balanced trade for you.

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